If you have a design that is in multicolor, really small details or maybe a photograph that you want printed on different garments then a digital print is the way to go. With DTG and Latexprint, the possibilities open up for more advanced illustrations.

About embroidery

The most common form of embroidery is called direct embroidery. The selected fabric is fastened in a frame which is then embroidered on your design directly on the garment.

Other alternatives to direct embroidery are to make your logo as an embroidered brand. This can either be done as a woven brand that is thinner and made with finer details with glue on the back that is heated on the selected garment. An embroidered mark is coarser and is usually made with an embroidered edge for a high quality result.

Another type of embroidery that creates a more luxurious and professional look if you, for example, make your own clothing collection, is to add woven neck labels with your own brand.

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